Discretionary Lump Sums

This information is posted pursuant to the Division of the Budget's Transparency Plan.

A lump sum is an appropriation in which amounts for specific activities or individual objects of expenditure are not itemized within the text of the appropriation. These appropriations are discretionary in nature and cannot be obligated or expended without an allocation approved by the Budget Director. One specific category of lump sum appropriations is the Community Projects Fund that the Legislature may allocate for grants that must be used for a public purpose.

This repository houses data for legislative and executive discretionary lump sum appropriation items that received Budget Director approval on or after October 1, 2021. Grants that are administered by ESD or DASNY from lump sum discretionary capital appropriations are not included in this repository, as a process for public disclosure already exists: 1) ESD Database of Economic Incentives; and 2) DASNY Grant Report.

DOB will continue to update this repository as new executive and legislative discretionary lump sums are approved by the Budget Director.

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