These visuals are based on data from the FY 2021 Enacted Budget, which summarizes the State of New York’s results for FY 2020 and Financial Plan projections for FY 2021 through FY 2024. The current Financial Plan data is available for download in machine-readable Microsoft excel format.

Slideshow of charts related to the Financial Plan


  1. State Operating Funds: The State Funds operating budget comprises the General Fund and other State-supported activities financed by dedicated revenues in State Special Revenue funds, as well as Debt Service funds accounting for the payment of debt service on all tax-financed State long-term debt. All capital spending, regardless of financing source, is included in the Capital budget.
  2. The disbursement estimates reflect the impact of the budget balance reductions that DOB expects to execute during FY 2021. The precise reductions in the aid-to-localities programs will be contained in the reduction plan that DOB expects to submit to the Legislature in May 2020. The cash disbursement estimates to local aid programs and State agency operations are expected to be allocated by agency in the First Quarterly Update to the Financial Plan.