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Federal Funding Overview

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Federal Funding Overview

The State’s Use of Federal COVID-19 Relief Funding

Learn how Federal funds were used to help New Yorkers endure the pandemic.

Total Available Federal Pandemic Assistance

These figures include aid provided directly to eligible recipients such as local governments, individuals, hospitals, businesses, transit authorities, and school districts, along with the funds expected to flow through the State Financial Plan*.

  • Total Funds Available to NYS Recipients
  • Funding Flowing through the State Financial Plan
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What Is the State Financial Plan?

The State’s multi-year Financial Plan (“State Financial Plan”) includes projections for anticipated State receipts and planned disbursements as well as State workforce estimates, balancing receipts and disbursements for the year the budget is adopted, and serving as an operating blueprint that governs State financial activity. The State Financial Plan reflects the broadest measure of State receipts and disbursements, encompassing the State’s General Fund, State dedicated funds, and funds received by the State from the Federal government. Much of the Federal pandemic assistance flows directly to various recipients outside of New York State government (e.g., tax rebates to individuals; grants to businesses; and aid to hospitals, transit authorities, and school districts) and therefore does not flow directly to the State and is not included in the State Financial Plan.

View the State Financial Plan

Bills and Funding Sources

Funding Overview

All Federal Pandemic Funding

The visualization below shows the total funding from each piece of pandemic response legislation distributed into 21 major spending categories awarded to NYS governmental and non-governmental entities. Much of the Federal pandemic assistance flows directly to recipients (e.g., tax rebates to individuals; grants to businesses; and aid to hospitals, transit authorities, and school districts) and is not reported through the State Financial Plan; New York State government does not have direct financial control or central oversight over this funding.

Financial Plan Funding Only

The visualization below shows the Federal pandemic funding flowing through the Financial Plan distributed into the major spending categories.

Note: Totals listed may not add due to rounding.

Explore the Federal Funding Streams Managed by DOB

Federal Single Audit

The Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) requires states to conduct an annual statewide audit known as the Federal Single Audit (Single Audit).

Budget Bulletin L-0300 guides New York State agencies through the completion of this annual independent audit of the State’s Federal award expenditures.

The Single Audit provides assurance to the Federal government that New York State has adequate internal controls in place and is generally in compliance with program requirements. The Single Audit Report formally titled “Independent Auditors’ Report as Required by Title 2 U.S. Code of Federal Regulations Part 200, Uniform Administrative Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards” is submitted to the Federal Clearinghouse as part of the State’s Financial Reporting Package.